Everything I have always needed to know has always been inside of me. The only thing keeping me from accessing this part of myself is my own self created fear. I am safe and surrounded and full of love, and the worst thing that can happen to me is my human life will be taken from me. I will go on living as a soul and continue working towards light until I am brought back again to share this beauty with the Earth. We are all here to make a difference and fulfill a purpose. this is the school where we go through many difficult lessons every day, but we are faced with these tasks because we are strong enough to get through them. we are never given what we are unable to handle. it may be hard and painful but it is through this heartache and strife that causes us to reach deep down within to find that strength and courage that has always been there to get us through. there will always be relief, there will always be healing, and at times it can feel like a miracle. each time we are faced with hardship, we are becoming closer to the Divine source, cutting away the layers of ourself that keep us from fully experiencing this human life.


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