Full Moon in Libra- Harmony and Balance

I can feel an internal shift happening within me. There is a sense of peace that is building every day, and I am beginning to see the reasons for the past and understand why I am exactly where I should be. The fire that is burning within me can no longer be dulled down by my fears and inability to make choices on which direction I truly want to take. I just have to start doing, and see where it takes me. I think that following my heart, which is within Witchcraft, is going to be my path to freedom. I have to return to the Earth, and nourish and protect her and use her gifts for the good of others. Begin by harnessing all of this untapped energy that has always been placed into relationships and begin to use it for the extension of yourself. You have always had it in you all this time, but it was always being blocked by the worry and my dedication to relationships. it is time to begin the relationship with myself. Begin to take care of yourself, every day, make conscious choices that serve your higher self. this is why you are here, to reach the highest state of consciousness in this lifetime.

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