Adventures for my Soul

If my life were a movie, I would be portrayed as a loving and nurturing woman who uses her time to develop programs to help people in need. Maybe working for the United Nations or running a company that is meant to save lives. Alongside this idea, I would be a Yogi and would teach people how to be the best version of themselves and live an extraordinary life. I also would be a successful author and would be able to travel the world at my leisure to share my love with the world. Also, of course, I would be happily in love with a man who is truly my partner in life.

My happy ending is to be free from negative thought patterns and strict habits and ways of living. I want to be freed of my issues around eating disorders, and anxiety, depression and hopelessness. I want to live my life with purpose and wake up in the morning excited for the day to achieve all the beauty I wish. I will be with the love of my life and we will walk hand in hand following our dreams and supporting one another along the way. I will be beautiful and healthy, glowing from the inside out.

This story takes place somewhere near water and mountains. Somewhere in Europe. Living in a beautiful home. Nothing huge, but just the right amount of space. I would have land around me and a green house on my property. I would like some wild animals around, maybe raise some goats or have wild horses that roam the lands.

My ideal life is one of joy and fulfillment. I would be surrounded by love, friends and nature. I will have the freedom to follow and pursue my hobbies while also creating a sustainable life. I would be making a difference in the lives of others and showing them that there is always hope and we have the power to choose. My love and I will spend our days valuing each other and cherishing our life together. Showing honesty and respect and support throughout our lifetimes. We would have a beautiful home filled with gorgeous artwork, antiques and books everywhere. Our home will be a place where we both feel inspired and comfortable. Where we are motivated to follow our dreams and also enjoy the simple life. Growing a garden that we can use to develop personal care products as well as culinary. A studio where we are free to paint, play music, create pottery, sculpture, to write and to read, to pursue whatever we wish to do. The surrounding landscape will have a river and mountains in the nearby distance, while around us will be farm like with some soft rolling hills. Beautiful trees will be plentiful as well as the colors of the wild flowers.


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