10 Habits Of People Who Listen To Their Hearts

Many of us stay in situations long past their expiration dates, or settle into experiences that don’t soothe our soul because we are reluctant to experience discomfort. In those moments, we’re thinking with our heads instead of our hearts.

We fear that the choice we make could set us back or send our life off course. When it comes to making a decision, many of us are so focused on the worst-case scenario that we become paralyzed by our choices. But in my own journey, overcoming clinical depression, drug addictions, and eating disorders, I learned the power of my inner guide, and the importance of trusting the wisdom from my own heart.

Inspiration comes to us through our hearts. The happiest, most successful, and healthiest people you know have learned to trust their inner wisdom. Here are 10 things people who think with their hearts do differently:

1. They accept that they cannot control the future. If something is supposed to be a part of their life, it will be.

2. Rather than focusing on what could go wrong, they focus on what could go right.

3. They aren’t trying to find their life’s purpose, because living a full life is the purpose.

4. They see problems as pathways.

5. They act on the belief that life gets better by change, not chance.

6. They change what they can’t accept and surrender to what they can’t change.

7. They release what no longer serves them.

8. They believe that things don’t happen to them but for them.

9. They look within themselves for answers.

10. They know that what we learn and who we become on life’s journey is more important than the end goal. The journey is the real reward.

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