A Step becomes a Leap

Facing a major change in this life has thrown me in circles, more than I can tolerate at times. For I am trying to find my path in this life, my purpose. I believe that we are always faced with truth that is place before us by the Universe. To trust in these cues and believe they are right for me, is one of the most difficult things to decipher. Yesterday I had a Reiki session and it really did help clarify my decisions. She said my Third Eye is fighting against my thinking, which is me analyzing, thinking too much and beating every thought and action to death instead of following my intuition, my gut instinct. The hardest part for me is at times, I can’t tell the difference. She said the room was full of Angels, and that I have them with me all the time, guiding me and always protecting me. I can feel their presence, showing up in subtle ways to remind me that I am not alone. She has always told me that I have a Native American spirit guide, an old woman, that is always watching over me. She was standing in a fork in the road, summoning me over to follow the right path. She believes that the choice I made was the right path. Me following my intuition. She has always told me I need to work on finding my inner child. The playful, free spirited nature that dwells in all of us. We mostly suppress this part of ourselves because we are forced to face this mundane world, where we have to be “adults” and live out our wrongly directed beliefs in maintaining a structured and stable existence. By making this choice, I have chosen to find this hidden part of myself. To wake up, to smile, to have fun. I forget what it’s like sometimes. I am so exhausted of this outmoded way of thinking. I want to feel alive, to smile in the face of the sun without worry, to open my heart to the many possibilities of this life. Following the symbolism of a Lion showing up during the session, I must be courageous, become a mastery of my emotions. Learn to stay centered in my core power, the power stirring deep within my solar plexus. What I desire is just beyond the horizon. It is up to me to choose the power and take the spiritual journey where great rewards and sublime satisfaction await me.

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