April 2 Sun Trine Jupiter

2nd April - Edgar Degas - Dancer Onstage with a Bouquet

Sun in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo 17:20 (UT)

There’s a range of aspects today in the skies but this catches my eye. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s beautiful. You can be all things and more. Perhaps it’s because you understand yourself better now that you can see the possibilities for the future. You are full of potential. Life could take you anywhere. Maybe you have a glimmer of hope, a helping hand, something that tells you that you will be OK – because you WILL be OK. Fiery energy taps into your creativity. Plan a holiday to inspire you or sign up for a cause or course that stirs your spirits. Your life is an unfolding story. Sometimes there are twists and turns but you are always the hero/heroine. This isn’t a rehearsal. Have courage, smile, take centre stage. You can hold the spotlight.

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