Birthday Love.

27th Mar 2015 – First Quarter Moon in Cancer

27th March - spirit-of-the-night-1879

First Quarter Moon in Cancer 07:42 (UT)

The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-

Two Nature Spirits Dancing Under the Moonlight

Do you believe in fairies? There are mystical forces all around you. The natural world is brimming with life both seen and unseen. Let go of the rational and commune with the astral realms. Thank the trees for their strength and wisdom; the flowers for their beauty; the herbs for their healing. Watch for gifts from Mother Nature – a feather, a leaf, a petal. The symbolism of the source may give you more information. It may be easier at night to sense these subtle worlds but with the Moon square to the Sun, the challenge is to learn to feel them in the daylight too. Sit quietly this evening and speak to the Moon as if she were your mother, your sister, your best friend. Ask her to dance with you. Invite a connection to these divine realms.

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