East/Spring FOCUSING THE MIND Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice

This journey begins in the East, place of the rising Sun, the dawn, the time of beginnings. It commences at the Spring Equinox, festival of new life, of balance and hope. The trees are opening their buds. Life is emerging from winters rest. It is time to move outward from the long dream, to take your gifts into the light.

Because manifestation begins with thought, it is with the mind that you begin the work. It is through consciousness that I experienced an awareness of life, explore the potentials of reality, and choose what sort of life in which to participate. The intentions of a spiritual path begin in the mind. It is here that understanding awakens and freedom is realized.

In this season I will focus on opening up to awareness, vision and illumination, and alignment with truth.


Powers of Earth and Sky, powers of all Directions, Great Mystery, I am here with prayer, I am calling for blessings of this work.

Behold me, all you spirits, all you sacred beings- I am here with a heart seeking truth, seeking beauty, longing to be in a good relationship with all life. I am asking for help and guidance on my path. I am here to be in alignment with my destiny, with my purpose upon this gracious Earth.

Great Mystery, Sacred Beings, I walk with commitment upon this path of harmony. I call for your blessings, with gratitude for my life. I remember all my relations.

Spirits of Wind, of East, of Spring, I pray with you. In these weeks I will be walking in your midst. I pray for your support and help. I pray for understanding and insight, for expanded vision.

Light of the morning, gate of dawn, I come before you like a newborn, eager to grow and learn. I come, grateful for the gentle light, the blessing of new beginnings.

O winged ones, I ask for your company, your messages and teachings. I pray for your inspiration and for awakening of spiritual perspective.

Powers of East, I turn to you in the light of sacred intention and give thanks for your presence.

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