New Moon in Aquarius – Sun entering Pisces – February 18th, 2015

This New Moon is one to connect to, one that will take me further onto my path. Bridging the worlds of the conscious and the unconscious, it is time to embrace the unknown and plant the seeds of my destiny. I will use this powerful creative and inspirational energy to illuminate my shadow so I can heal and honor the Light that surrounds and fills me. It is time of collective healing, connecting with the world around us, working as a whole.

Step forth, step through, keep going, keep releasing, keep opening. The birth of a new life, a new direction, a creative project, a new awareness, personally and collectively.

Setting my intentions for the New Moon, and following through is the key to harnessing the energy properly. I need to release what is not working for me and focus on bringing love and happiness into my life. Let go of past regrets and old ways of thinking and acting. It is time to self love, act compassionately, and believe in myself. This Moon offers me the chance to grow, to change, to express my own personal power with grace.

Finding Balance is the key.

To emerge into a new reality, we need to recognize we are all one with the Earth, one with Nature, one with the Cosmos, one with the Quantum field of Light. We are light beings, and we have to start living that knowledge.

We have to step into our wholeness to achieve our life’s purpose. The world needs us, and our souls long to live out our destiny. The ideals and ideas of our future world depend on each of us holding our vision, opening to Earth’s wisdom, and courageously acting out our destiny.

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