Full Moon in Leo – 2/03/15

moon feb

This Full Moon in Leo is one full of positive energy, summoning us to step into our own fullness through sharing our hearts with courage, while allowing our unique energy to be seen. It is time to cast away the voices of judgment that limit and suppress, so we can allow the voices of love and truth flow from our hearts.

This is a Celebration Moon, perhaps the most powerful Full Moons of the year. The Moon is coupled with Jupiter in Leo, opposing the Sun in Aquarius. He is in a positive position with both the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and he expands whatever he touches. He makes you feel good, and this is a great time to be creative. With the Leo Full Moon in trine with Uranus, there will be positive changes in my personal life. New friendships, new love, new relationships, and ones formed now can encourage me to be my authentic self.

The best part of Leo is the inner child. It is time to nourish and protect my childlike innocence. Allow myself to be open to new ides and fresh perspectives. Be curious about life, be engaged in the magic of the moment.

Be in my heart.

Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement.

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