Full Moon in Cancer – New Year, New Beginnings, Transformation, Spiritual Breakthroughs – 1/04/15

Tarot Reading for the Full Moon to begin my new year with intention and awareness.

Heart of the Matter – The Chariot – Strong Will, Triumph. The Chariot is my confidence, my will, and my inner warrior. Build a relationship with this part of myself, see the Chariot within me. The more focused my mind, the easier it will be to sense his presence. With a fixed gaze and a sure footing, I will be headed towards fulfilling my purpose.

Opposing Factor – Father of Cups – Diplomatic, Open Minded. most feminine and dignified, supports friends and family. The only thing holding me back are my deeply rooted insecurities. Work on this.

Root Cause – Son of Wands – Charming, Adventurous. Trust my Instincts, Perfection is an illusion.

Past – Five of Swords – Self Destruction. It is time to stop self-hate. It is time to self-soothe, love myself, believe in myself.

Goal – Three of Cups – Friendship, Joy, Bounty. I will be in the company of amazing friends, creating memories together that I will forever hold dear. These are friends with whom I have a rare connection, where I truly feel myself. There is also an upcoming celebration. Love Abounds!

Future – Justice – Decisions, make a choice. Follow my beliefs and instincts. It is time to be at peace. Self Love.

Me – Nine of Wands – Strength, Stamina, Confidence. My journey is near completion. Rally my confidence, don’t lose sight of my goals of finding my joy, purpose, love and peace. Soon all my hard work will pay off.

External Influences – Nine of Cups – Bliss and Harmony. Wishes come true. Worries and fears are cast away. A new phase of peace and harmony awaits. The World is granting me every wish. Good health, happiness, and even material gains are heading my way.

Hopes – The Sun – Vitality and Enlightenment. Imagine soaking in the warm rays of the sun, nourishing and healing my soul, as all my aches and pains just fade away. The Sun card brings this amazing energy into my life. Vitality and Health Abound, and I will feel assurance and clarity in all that I do. Be grateful for the radiance of the sun and the life force it gives all creatures.

Final Outcome – Daughter of Wands – Visionary, Passionate. I am a free spirit, a truly visionary creature. I can me stubborn and much stronger than I look. This card represents a woman going through a transformation or spiritual breakthrough.

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