February – Improvement – Taking Action

The mode of perseverance aids in any commitment I make to improve myself. This is an incredible time for personal growth. Improving my communication, my skills, my environment, my patience, my belief system, my attitude, my health, my discipline, my relationships, my appearance. However, do not go overboard with all the possibilities, or I will become impatient and create chaos.

Make a practice of simply being aware of the greater grid and intelligence of the universe that encompasses us all. Take responsibility, for every action effects the whole. I will feel more empowered about making a difference. Practice patience, and trust that the universe will provide the guidance necessary for my transformations.

There is no bypass to wholeness. We must travel through the very center of our being, the core of our grief, shame, rage, despair, in order to know it from the inside and emerge renewed into a life in which these things no longer call the shots from the shadows.

To stand with an open heart in the midst of challenging chaos is the path of the true initiate, the torch bearer for a new expression of the human potential.

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