Moon in Libra – Sun in Aquarius

For today I am reborn, and enter my existence with intention and awareness. Finding stillness in every day to listen to my inner voice is an act that brings me peace and wisdom. I must celebrate my manifested power for transformation. There are deep stirrings within my soul that ache and gnaw at my being, just waiting to be fulfilled and honored. I feel like I am reaching a point in my life that I just can’t go back to the constant that I have been enduring these past 20 years. For all the shadows that are still with me, I have to be strong to prevent them from pulling me all the way back down into the deep well of darkness. I am here to find my truth, my purpose, to be awakened, to celebrate life.

2 thoughts on “Rebirth.

  1. Sivan- You are such a beautiful person and woman , inside and out. Know that and trust that. You can do anything that you set your mind to do. You just need to believe in yourself that you can achieve it. All I have ever wanted for you is the happiness that you so deserve and want for yourself. You know that I am always here for you today, tomorrow and always . I love you so much !!!!! Love Mommy. xoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxo


  2. Sivan – You are such an amazing writer, so gifted and talented with your words on paper, as well as your thoughts and viewpoints on life with the spoken word.
    I really do admire that gift that you have, way far superior to my own. You have a special talent with connecting with people , helping them to get a viewpoint on their own problems, but using some of your own life’s challenges that you have faced. I believe that you are now ready to succeed in life for yourself, to accept your
    self, and hopefully see the beauty and wisdom that lies within you and cherish it. You really are a special gifted person. Please try to quit being so hard on yourself and picking on flaws that no one sees. They see a beautiful, confident young woman, believe that for yourself. That is what I see and have always seen. You have been hard on yourself in the past, but from your writings and thoughts that you are now expressing, I believe you are finally ready to accept what everyone else sees
    in you. So start every day, thinking of positive things for the day, try not to stress on the negative. The more positive thoughts that can fill your mind ,,will leave less room for the negative. Like I keep saying, I wish for you —-HAPPINESS !!!!!—-for your mind, body and soul. I will try to read your blogs when I can , but please let me know when you have written your thoughts of your own words, I understand the others are your thoughts just put in their words, but you read and selected them for yourself. I love you so very, very much. I cherish the closeness and wonderful, amazing mother-daughter relationship that we have. Love Mommy. xoxoxoxoxox


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